Why must Shadowsocks server

This is benefit if you use shadowsocks and why must be use shadowsocks from our server

Boost speed you network

Your network Boost up to 10 Gbit.

Simple Connect

Just Create and Import.

Very Low Ping

Use shadowsocks very low ping for streaming and game.


if use shadowsocks very secure and proctect your network.


Difficult to detect and block.


Support TLS/SSL so guaranteed security.

Choose your Shadowsocks Server

We have some server options shadowsocks with different advantages.

  • High Speed to 10 Gbit
  • Stable and low ping
  • Support SSL/TLS
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Support Plugin OBFS
  • High Speed UP to 10 Gbit
  • Stable and low ping
  • Support SSL/TLS
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Support OBFS
  • High Speed to 10 Gbit
  • Stable and low ping
  • Support SSL/TLS
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
About Shadowsocks

Do you know, what is Shadowsocks? Or, you just heard this term. Of course, it will be a new insight for you about the internet world. Because it has many super uses for various digital purposes. Shadowsocks also provides various powerful facilities for its users. One of them will make it easier for you to visit various sites without restrictions.

Shadowsocks Server is an open-source VPN protocol based on socks5. The shadowsocks server uses a tcp and https path that already supports SSL/TLS so it has very good security. Although with high security Shadowsocks when used has a very light speed and data processing and also a very low ping when compared to other VPN protocols. Thus we recommend using it to play streaming games both on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and others because Shadowsocks supports all devices with easy operation.

Here Are The Advantages Of Shadowsocks That You Must Understand! Using Shadowsocks as an open source-based software with a genre like VPN or called Websockets, has various advantages for its users. Providing unlimited internet access safely is certainly a dream for users. So that in addition to getting freedom, they also get security which should indeed be the right of every user. Well, by knowing the advantages that Shadowsocks has, you can consider this. So, here are the advantages of this application that you should know!

There is an identity disguise feature, so it provides security for its users because your real data will not be detected Well, this is what users really need in accessing a web page freely. Namely, getting strict protections regarding your privacy or real identity. The reason is, Shadowsocks provides powerful facilities for its users regarding the identity disguise feature. So, your original data will not be leaked to anyone that it turns out that you have opened the site. Because, there is already protection for the identity disguise feature. That way, you are difficult to track or can't be detected.

The appearance of the application is simple and user friendly, so it is easy to install and use it Finally, the software interface is designed in a simple and practical way so that it is easy to use by anyone. In fact, even for junior users, it is still easy to operate. Of course, making this application friendly and user friendly for all users. The process of installing the application is fast and efficient.